Samsung Gear Sport Review – Best Smartwatch in 2019

One of the most colorful smartwatches in the market that is sure to capture your attention is the Gear Sport from Samsung. This is Samsung’s latest smartwatch model with a chunky design packed with top apps mostly dedicated for fitness and tracking different activities.

Samsung Gear Sport

The Gear Sport is intended for people on the go and those who want to track their daily fitness routines. It is waterproof so you can swim with it and its tracks your every move to improve your daily stats. The Gear Sport also lets you control compatible smart devices and appliances with just a turn of its trusty bezel. You can also connect this watch with your smartphone and receive and respond to calls and texts every time. Samsung has packed the Gear Sport with a dazzling array of features that you will surely admire.

Specs & Features

• Water-resistant up to 50 meters
• Track heart rate
• With GPS mapping
• Check calories burned, balance and daily progress
• Control smart devices using Smart Connect
• Play games with Samsung Play NFC
• With Tizen operating system
• Make payments with just one tap
• With onboard apps
• Receive and respond to calls and texts
• Alert for emails, updates and more
• Charge one time and go for days
• With wireless charging dock
• Android and iOS compatible
• Screen resolution of 360 x 360 x 424 pixels per inch
• AMOLED display
• Weighs 67 g including the 17g strap

Samsung Gear Sport


Swim-ready – water resistant up to 50 meters

The Gear Sport is ready for any activity you want to indulge in. You can run, walk, play tennis or go to the gym and track your every move with ease. But aside from these “regular” activities, the Gear Sport will let you swim to a depth of 50 meters. A perfect companion if you are always on the go.

Fitness tracker

The Gear Sport smartwatch will let you track your fitness stats and calories in an instant. Whether you are just starting a fitness routine or you are improving one, you can bet that the Gear Sport will be able to track your heard rate (taken at regular intervals), calorie balance, steps made, floors climbed, distance covered and more. You can even get personal coaching straight from the smartwatch as you run and perform different workouts. You can even use a variety of compatible apps and store your stats using the Gear Sport. Top your best run and improve your workout routines with just one turn of the Gear Sport bezel.

Easy to use bezel controls

The Gear Sport rotating bezel basically lets you control the smartwatch without scratching or leaving fingerprint smudges on your screen. The watch face where you can see the time is the home screen. Turn the bezel clockwise and you get the main menu where you can find app-based widgets and turn counterclockwise to check out notifications. The Gear Sport has a Tizen operating system which is by far one of the most responsive and intuitive.

With 1 GHz Dual –Core processor speeds

Enjoy fast and reliable processor speeds. This lets you use the smartwatch minus screen delays and lags; you will always have a responsive and intuitive screen to use no matter what activity you are in. Faster processor speeds will also let you use this app for games, use different apps and so many more.

Enjoy top apps

There are tons of apps ready to be used on the Gear Sport. You will find apps that you can use every day for fitness and health. There are also apps for checking out the news, for social media, music apps, apps to catch a ride and so many more. Some of the best apps that you must have in the Gear Sport are Spotify for music, Under Armour for fitness, Uber for catching a ride, Nest to control devices at home, Flipboard for news, Pear for fitness and Trip-case for traveling.

Can be used with Android and iOS smartphones

The Gear Sport can be used by Android users as well as iOS users. This is compatible with selected Bluetooth smartphone using Android OS 4.4 and IPhone 5 and later. So it does not matter if you have an Android or an iPhone, you can easily connect this smartwatch and use it as an extension of your mobile smartphone.

Samsung Gear Sport

Pros & Cons

The Gear Sport shines with its compatible apps, easy to control bezel and fitness-based features. It makes a great sports watch especially when you want to improve your fitness routines and to best different fitness activities and sports.

It looks and feels well-built; you can easily feel that its solid, chunky but well made. It is comfortable to wear and won’t be too large or too small; it can fit almost all wrist sizes. The screen is clear and vibrant allowing you to monitor your stats for any activity.

The only flaw that the Gear Sport has is its design. It does not look sophisticated with its plastic straps and clunky watch body. If you want this watch for fitness then the design may work for you but using it as a stylish accessory might not be a good idea.

Final Words

The Sport Gear is Samsung’s good take in the smartwatch industry and it looks like it has succeeded when it comes to the watch’s ability to monitor fitness stats and health stats. But when it comes to design, it needs a lot of help.

But if you plan to use this purely for fitness then you have a good smartwatch to keep you company. It has good features that will let you monitor your stats and progress, a collection of apps to keep you entertained and up to date and of course features that let you work your smartphone even on the go. All-in-all the Gear Sport tops the list of the best smartwatch models for fitness. If you think that the Samsung Gear Sport is the smartwatch for you, check this link.


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