When you checking for a good headset, you can see wide varieties of headphones in different styles and features. One of the known brands of headphones is Sennheiser. Two of this company’s popular products is Sennheiser 558 and 598. In this article, we will discuss the differences and similarities of these products. Which one is better? Find out below.

Specs and Features

To know about their differences and shared features, let’s examine the specs and features of Sennheiser 558 and Sennheiser 598.


Sennheiser 558

Regarding to their designs, Sennheiser 558 and 598 has only small difference. Both of them come in simple design but classy at the same time. Starting off with the ear pads, Sennheiser 558 offers an average size that will suit most sizes of ears. Each side is designed with simplicity and come neat and clean approach. On the other hand, Sennheiser 598 has also average size of ear pads and each side is covered with luxurious velour.

Each of their headbands is also designed properly for better comfort in every use. Sennheiser 558 provides comfort in your head while using and while resting on your neck through its added high-quality foam. On the other hand, Sennheiser 598 features a leatherette pad for a premium comfort in every use. Both of these headphones feature durable headband for an improved comfort.

All in all, these headphones are not just designed with simplicity but they are made with sturdiness and quality as well. Each part is designed carefully not just to provide efficiency and comfort for each of its users.

Sennheiser 598


Sennheiser 558 features an internal sound reflector which will immerse you in a rich audio. It provides a tight bass while in used and the more you listen the more you focus on listening to the music, the more the sound effect gets beautiful. With the tight bass effect of this headphone, it comes out as more suitable for jazz classical music. An important note you must remember is that though it will provide a good listening experience to any music type, it will not perform better when playing rap and hip-hop. Using this headphone will let you relax, setback, and enjoy the warm effects of music.

as far as the performance of Sennheiser 598, it is undeniable that it is one of the best. It produces quality and clarity of sound effects. This is why; if you long for a headphone with predictable and even sound effect, then this one might be the best for you. Sennheiser 598 works best in those isolated environments. They are perfect for noise-free studios which are free from any distraction. Note, if you expect that this headphone has noise-cancellation feature, it’s not.

All in all, these Sennheiser headphones provide a better quality of audio sound effects. However, they cannot provide the best sound quality in all types of environment and in any type of music. Nevertheless, they still provide clear audio.


If you are looking for headphones which will not just give you a better sound quality but will also last longer, then these two headphones from Sennheiser are both good choice. When talking about Sennheiser brand, it is known for their high quality of different electronic device which includes Sennheiser 558 and 598 headphones. This is why these headphones are part of the top choices in the market partly because of their quality and durability.

Price and color availability

These headphones from Sennheiser have different price as well. Sennheiser 558 comes at a cheaper price compared to Sennheiser 598 which is a bit expensive. When it comes to the colors available, the 589 provides you choices either ivory, maroon, and now there are also black available. On the other hand, the 558 only comes in black color.

Which is the Best Headphone?

Before deciding which the best headphone is, you may consider some additional points first.

Both Sennheiser 598 and 558 are durable and are convenient to use. Aside from that, these two top choices of headphones are more suitable for jazz music and work best for the noise-free environment. They also offer convenience in the same way through their detachable cable, their well-designed ear pads, and headband, and both are extremely comfortable to use.

However, aside from their differences in certain specs and features, there are small specifications that differ between Sennheiser 598 and 558 from each other. Though they are able to provide a good quality of sound and audio, Sennheiser 598 comes to be more redefined with the fact that its frequency is smoother compared to Sennheiser 558. Their response to frequency is somehow different too. While the Sennheiser 558 features 15 – 28,000 Hz, Sennheiser 598 offers an extension of 12 – 38500 Hz. This is the reason why Sennheiser 598 offers a punchier audio compared with Sennheiser 558.

If you are looking for a headphone which is durable, has a simple design yet comfortable to use, has audio performance which is enough to entertain you, and in an affordable price, then Sennheiser 558 might be the answer to what you are looking for. However, without considering the price, Sennheiser 598 is a better choice when it comes to its overall performance and audio. This is because Sennheiser 598 has no doubt in providing a better and clearer sound effect.

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