A headphone is one of the most important gaming accessories. It plays an important role in the gaming industry. This is why gamers need choose those high quality and high performing gaming headphones which are able to help them to win their games.

One of the gaming headphones you can choose is from Sennheiser. It is a known brand when it comes to producing great quality of gaming headset. The Sennheiser Game One and Zero are two of the gaming headsets under this brand and they are the top choices of some gamer.

Which is the better choice between Sennheiser Game One and Zero? Find out as we compare and see the difference between these two headphones.

Sennheiser Game One vs Zero

Specs and Features

Though they have the same brand name, the Sennheiser Game One and Zero are not the same from each other. In order to see which has the better performance, let’s check each of their specs and features.

Overall style and design

Sennheiser Game One

When talking about the style and design, the Sennheiser brand has something to brag too. This is because their headphones are quite simple but classy in style. In fact, it can be seen in the Sennheiser Game One and Zero. Both of them are well-designed but not in an overpowering way. The Sennheiser Zero features a leatherette headband and memory foam ear pads which make it very comfortable to use. Both of them also come in white color which adds up to its good aura and look. Both the Sennheiser is well designed which each important controlling button is placed in the perfect spot which is easy for the user to press.

When talking about the weight, these headphones are less likely the same from each other. The Sennheiser Zero 11.0Oz while the Sennheiser One is about 11.6Oz. Their cable length is also the same which is 9.8 inches. They also share the same measurement with the connector which is 2 x 3.5 mm for desktop or laptop.

Since these two headphones are closely alike from each other, both of them have simple and great designs.


Sennheiser GAME ZERO

A headphone for gaming session is not just a common unit. It must have equipped with different features and properties which will help the gamer optimize its gaming experience. This is why; a gamer’s headphone must not just be looking good but high performing as well.

The Sennheiser Game One and Zero are both able to provide a clear and realistic sound. Of course with the help of the noise-cancellation feature. Though they are both able to provide a quality sound effect, both of these two headphones are still suited the most to a quiet environment.

When it comes to the frequency, these two gaming headphones from Sennheiser are quite different. The Sennheiser Zero provides 10 – 26000Hz while the Sennheiser is about 15-28000Hz.

Both of these two headphones have noise cancellation feature. This means that even though they work best in a silent environment, they are both highly efficient even in noisy place.

The overall performance of the Sennheiser Game Zero and Game One are both focused on gaming activities. This is why; if you are looking for a headphone for your gaming sessions, then you can choose any of the top headphone choices.

Level of convenience

Playing a game for a long time is sometimes tiring most especially if your headphone is not that participative. This is why; it is important for every gamer to choose a headphone which is not just high performing but also convenient to use.

Since these two top choices of headphones have almost the same design and construction, it cannot be denied that both of them offer the same level of convenience in every use. Each part of these headphones is well-built providing comfort in your head and in your neck. Each of its ear pads is made of quality and smooth materials making it even comfortable after long hours of use.

On the other hand, these two headphones from Sennheiser are both durable. Since they have the same brand, these two headphones share the same quality as well as the construction of every part.

Added to its comfort and convenience in every use is the lightweight feature that these headphones can give. The Sennheiser Game One comes in 1.1 pounds while the Sennheiser GAME Zero has a weight of about 1.59 pounds. They may have different figures of weight but all in all, these two headphones are both lights in weight which makes them comfortable to use.

Price and availability

When talking about the availability as well as the price of these two headphones from Sennheiser, they are also a bit different from each other. The Sennheiser Game Zero has a bit higher price compared to the Sennheiser Game one. Both the top two headphones are also available in many stores online and offline.


Which is the Best Headphone?

Looking for the specs and features of these headphones, it is safe to say they have no so much different from each other. Both of them are professionally made for gaming sessions. Their overall performance, ability, designs, and even look, suit the best for any type of a gamer. Both of them are durable as well, they are of high quality and both are full of efficiency.

It is an important note to remember that these two headphones from Sennheiser are not an all-purpose type. This means that you cannot simply use for watching movies, listening music and etc, they are both specially made for gamers which are intended for gaming sessions.

Since these two headphones have noise cancellation process, they are both able to provide a quality and clear music and audio effect. All in all, they work well together in the gaming industry.

However, if you are looking for a cheaper price, the Sennheiser Game One is the better choice since it has a lower price compared to the Sennheiser Game Zero.

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