Reaching the peak of your gaming experience is a satisfying experience. However, even how experienced you are, without the help of gaming accessories, it’s still hard to reach its peak. One of the accessories with the biggest use is the gaming mouse pad.

With quality gaming mouse pad, it is now easier for you to achieve an optimal gaming experience. However, with so many mouse pads on the market today, you cannot say which is the best by its brand and physical look only. In order for you to find out that you are choosing the best one, you must have an idea of the specs and features of your chosen brand. Two of the best in the market is the gaming mouse pads from SteelSeries and these are the Steelseries Qck Heavy and Steelseries Qck+.

SteelSeries Qck Heavy vs Qck+

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Features and Specs

Quality cloth material

SteelSeries QcK Heavy

These two gaming mouse pads from the Steelseries are both made from cloth materials with high quality. The SteelSeries Qck Heavy and Steelseries Qck+ are both designed to provide comfort but also to offer a long lasting service. Since they are made with high-quality materials, they can last for a quite long time too. Most of all, the fact that the clothing materials of these gaming mouse pads are in high-quality, it also offers comfort and safety for your mouse while you are using it.

Non-slip feature

SteelSeries Qck+

Intense gaming cannot be realized at all if your mouse pads will slip as you will use your mouse, Fortunately, these mouse pads added a non-slip feature with its base which is made from non-slip rubber. These mouse pads from SteelSeries is not just suited for gamers but also for those designers and those who always use two or more monitors.

Friction-less top

The most important point of a mouse pad is the top part since this is where you will place your mouse while using it. SteelSeries Qck heavy and Steelseries Qck+ both offer a frictionless top. This will let you have an optimum usage of your mouse since you can work conveniently. This feature is also suited for your intense gaming sessions over long hours. This is why, if ever you are looking for a gaming mouse pad which has the ability to let your mouse move freely, then you can consider these gaming mouse pads. Aside from that, this type of mouse pad is also suited for designers who wanted to make the best of their designs.

Average size

Like any other mouse pads you can see in the market, the sizes of these two mouse pads are average. This means that these mouse pads are neither small nor too big. SteelSeries Qck+ has a product dimension of about 17.72 x 15.7 x 0.08 inches while the other one is 15.7 x 0.23 x 17.7 inches.

With its sizes, these mouse pads are comfortable to place and use anywhere and anytime.

Comfortable to use

Another very important feature of these gaming mouse pads is the comfort. One of the biggest things to consider when choosing a mouse pad is the comfort that it can offer. A mouse pad will enable you to glide your mouse freely and conveniently to make your gaming activity or computer works hassle-free to do. This feature is present in these gaming mouse pads. With their smooth surfaces, frictionless tops, and non-slippery bases, these mouse pads from SteelSeries are both comfortable to use for any of your work even for any gaming activities.

Which is the best?

You might be thinking that SteelSeries Qck heavy is just the same with other mouse pads under Steelseries brands. However, Steelseries Qck heavy has a special attribute which makes it different from other mouse pads in this product line. This is the thickness that this mouse pad offers to its users. A thick mouse pad will give you a different comfort when you are using it. This type of mouse pad is fitted the most for gamers and graphic designers. This mouse pad has a height of about 6mm, a fairly massive height for a more comfort in every use.

On the other hand, if the Steelseries Qck heavy differs from other mouse pads under this product line, the Steelseries Qck+ stay the same with other mouse pads. It comes with a thin physical look but remains efficient in every use. If you are looking for a mouse pad which is a high compatibility with any mice and suitable for starters, then this gaming mouse pad might be what you are looking for.

All of the features which everyone might find helpful are present in these two gaming mouse pads from SteelSeries. From their materials used for their production to the type of top and base parts to the comfort they can offer, and even to their sizes, these two gaming mouse pads share almost the same features.

The only difference with the Steelseries Qck heavy from the Steelseries Qck+ is its thickness. While many found this type of mouse as an ingredient to improve efficiency, there are still gamers who choose to use those thin gaming mouse pads.
In the end, both the Steelseries Qck heavy and Steelseries Qck+ gaming mouse pads can be a good choice. Each one of them has good features which can help your gaming activities even more convenient. With all their features, they can be a great partner for your gaming activities.

SteelSeries Qck heavy is best suited for those gamers who wanted to have a massive and thicker gaming mouse pads. On the other hand, Steelseries Qck+ is for those gamers and computer pros who wanted to use a thin gaming mouse pads.

The choice will lie in your personal taste and preferences since these two gaming headsets shared almost the same features. Both of them can be a great partner for whether you are one of the most experienced gamers, a graphic designer, a computer skilled and workaholic person or any other more.