TCL S305 Review – Best 40-Inch Smart LED TV

TCL (The Creative Life) is one of the fastest growing electronics brands in North America. Today, it offers another electronic product which is both under the trend and useful at the same time. This electronic product gained fame today and widely used by majority of the public because of its different features which are liked and desired by many.

TCL S305

This is the TCL 40S305, a 40-inch smart LED TV that offers many features to make your movie time more enjoyable. Just like other smart LED TV today in the market, TCL 40S305 has different features which are useful not just in watching your favorite movie shows as well as your most liked channels online.

When talking about its physical feature, this smart LED TV has a premium picture and modern style which will suit to any design in your house. With TCL 40S305, you will have the chance to enjoy an easy access to over 4000 live streaming channels, cable TV, gaming consoles, and other devices. Another great feature of this smart LED TV is the easy to use remote control. This enables you to use your TV and choose the best movies and change its settings through the remote control.

Since TCL 40S305 is a type of a smart TV, you can use your tablet or your phone as a controlling device and companion while watching your most-sought TV programs.

TCL 40S305 is powered by Roku TV. This is a good reason for you to choose this LED TV because knowing the Roku TV is one of the best deliverers of smart TV in the market.

TCL 40S305 can be a good choice if you are looking for a smart LED TV which will fit in with your budget. This 14.6 pounds smart TV offers many features that will entertain you with convenience all the time. Aside from that, this smart LED TV is suitable to be paired with your gadgets like smartphone and tablet in the easiest way.

TCL S305

Specs and Features

A smart LED TV made simpler

When it comes to smart TV, the more features the better. However, with more features, using your TV becomes a bit complex. With TCL 40S305, you can have your smart LED TV which is made simpler. With it is easy to use remote control, you can easily change its settings, choose your favorite shows, and enjoy watching your favorite series with your LED TV.

Can be your companion while using your favorite app

The combination of TV, smartphones, tablets, and different application is not new in this generation. With this, TCL 40S305 gives you the chance to use your tablet or smartphones as a remote control for you to cast movies and web videos to your TV with the use of mobile apps like Netflix and Youtube.

Enjoy fast and easy search

With Roku search, this smart LED TV offers you an easy search with top streaming channels through the title, actor, or the director. All these things can be done easily in one place and time with TCL 40S305.

Suitable for all ways of watching

In these days, there are different ways for you to watch your favorite shows. It can be through paying a cable, using the antenna, or through live streaming. With TCL 40S305, you can enjoy and do it all anytime.

Gives you an easy access to many channels

With the use of this smart LED TV, you can have the privilege to access over 4000 streaming channels, cable TV, and even gaming consoles easily. Without flipping the menus of your remote control, you can do it all.

Modern design

With a dimension of about 36.3 x 21.1 x 2.9 without a stand and 36.3 x 23.4 x7.8 with a stand, this wall mounted smart LED TV can be paired easily to your wall’s designs.

Great quality of picture

TCL 40S305 uses 1080p full HD resolution to give you a more life-like picture. Aside from that, it also uses direct lit-LED which adds its capacity to produce clear pictures. All in all, this smart LED TV will give you a real-life picture when in use.

TCL S305


TCL 40S305 have successfully met the requirements of the market. It only means that it has a great performance. Its picture is clear, it’s easy to use with a range of choices, it is easy to be paired with your tablet or smartphone, and has a remote control which is easy to use as well.

With these backgrounds, this smart LED TV will give you the chance to enjoy your favorite shows and streaming. Its overall performance is quite good which makes it as a good choice for many TV lovers.

TCL S305

Pros & Cons

· Easy to navigate
· Lightweight
· Good light quality
· Provides HD resolution
· Wall mountable
· Has many choices of streaming programs
· Has a great overall performance

· The remote control is a bit small
· No external switches like on, off, and menu


With so many names and brands that are coming in the market today, it is much better to choose a brand which has already an established name. With this matter, TCL 40S305 deserves to be part of your choices since it came from one of the best-selling brands of electronic products in North America. Other than that, this smart LED TV provides good quality and overall performance to its viewers.

When talking about its physical look, this smart TV will suit to any part of the house. This only means that it can add beauty to anywhere you will put it. On the other hand, when it comes to the performance, this smart LED TV offers a great quality of picture with many features you can use for you to enjoy your movie experience.

At the end, this smart LED TV must be part of your choices. With a price which will surely fit in with your budget, this smart TV can give you the chance to make your leisure time an enjoyable one.


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