Nowadays, speakers come in unique designs with many cool features. It is undeniable that this is quite different from a speakers before. In this review, we will compare UE Roll and UE Roll 2. They are two of the most stylish speakers on the market today. Both of this speakers show different features and capabilities. If you are planning to buy one of these choices, understanding their differences and common features is important, so that you will end up with a wise decision.

UE Roll vs UE Roll 2

Which one is a better choice? Find out with their specs and features below.

Specs and Features

Overall design


Since these two speakers came from the same manufacture, it is not surprising to see that they had a similar design. Looking at their physical features, the UE Roll and UE Roll 2 are both compact and have the same style. In fact, they have the same dimension which is 5.3 x .5.3 x 1.6 inches and weight of about 0.73 lb. This means that both the UE Roll and UE Roll 2 have a size which made them extra portable.

Added to their shared designs are the bungee cord and the inflatable life preserver. With this, the UE Roll and the UE Roll 2 are able to float in the water.



The fact that these two speakers will float in the water, more likely it will be used for outdoor activities. Even though the designs of UE Roll and UE Roll 2 are more likely identical, the difference comes in their performance. UE Roll 2 is somewhat an upgraded version of UE Roll which is why their performance capability will really show differences.

The UE Roll is good enough for its job. It produces sound well and good. Every user must also understand that this speaker is best for background music and not for a total party partner on the beach. This speaker makes the best performance for acoustic sounds and in the midrange. Though the UE Roll will not provide you with as much bass and volume as other speakers can, it has still few bass effects. With this, it has still the capability to provide a good quality of music and sound in every use.

On the other side, since the UE Roll 2 is an upgraded version of UE Roll, its sound quality is somewhat higher. If the UE Roll has only little bass production, the UE Roll 2 does well and good with its bass effects. Actually, it delivers a great quality of bass though sometimes it became thin with some music. With this, this speaker is suitable even for beach parties. Thanks to the 15% more sound that this speaker can produce. It can be your partner with any outdoor activities as well as beach parties.

Battery life

When it comes to the battery life, these two speakers are decent enough to provide you longer hours of use. In fact, both the UE Roll and UE Roll 2 are known for their higher battery life. They boast 9 hours of use and with charging time of 5.5 hours. With this, both the UE Roll and UE Roll 2 are better choices if you are looking for a speaker with a decent battery life.

Damage protective features

Since these speakers are suitable for outdoor use, they must have also features which will give them protection against possible damages. Fortunately, UE Roll and UE Roll 2 will not fail you in this matter. This is because both of them are IPX7 certified. Basically, this means that they are completely waterproof and will not get any damage even under the water for 30 minutes with 1-meter depth. Aside from that, these two speakers also feature its dustproof property and they are also weather sealed. With this, no matter what the weather is, you’ll have the confidence that your device will stay safe and protected all the time.


Compatibility is an important feature any speaker should have. When it comes to the UE Roll 2 and UE Roll, both of them have high compatibility with many devices which added to their convenience in every use. They are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and other devices.


One of the top reasons that these speakers may brag is their price. Generally speaking, the price of the UE Roll and UE Roll 2 are both affordable. They both came in cheaper prices which will suit your budget.

Which is the Best Speaker?

All in all, both the UE Roll and UE Roll 2 are good choices of speakers. When it comes to convenience in every use, you can enjoy it from both of them. In fact, almost all features and properties like portability, weight, dimension, as well as ease in every use, these two speakers share the same traits.

However, when it comes to performance especially with bass effects, the better choice is the UE Roll 2. This is maybe because of the fact that this is a newer and improved version of the UE Roll. If you are looking for a speaker for beach parties and other outdoor events, the UE Roll 2 is a better choice. However, this doesn’t mean that the UE Roll is not a wise choice anymore since it also delivers a quality of sound.

To come up with a wise decision, you may consider your personal preferences in choosing a speaker. If you love those which provide strong bass then the UE Roll 2 is a good choice. However, if you are more preferred by those speakers which you’ll often use privately, you can choose the UE Roll 2.

Both the UE Roll and UE Roll 2 are good choices of speakers for your different needs. They are two of the well-designed speakers in the market but at the same time very affordable in price.

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