Asus Laptop Keyboard not working?

Not Responding Keys

This occurs when you write or push a key, and the computer takes a long time to display the written word or figure on the page on the screen. This may be because the Filter keys were activated. You’ll need to deactivate the Filter keys in Windows’ keyboard setup option.

Similarly, you may have difficulties, such as numerous characters appearing when you just hit one key. The required change may be found in the keyboard Options menu. Long must be selected as the Repeat delay.

Characters displayed incorrectly (mismatch)

Because the NumLock key is not active, your Asus laptop may show a character that does not match the key you had pushed on the keyboard.

With the NumLock feature deactivated, pressing a key from the region of the numerical key would either type nothing or type another character. The number pad is activated by pressing the NumLock key once.

Another reason your Asus laptop displays a different character from what you entered on the keyboard is the language option. You must ensure that the right language has been chosen.

Partially functional keyboard

This is a circumstance in which certain keys on the keyboard aren’t working while the others are OK. Asus asserts that BIOS settings difficulties cause this and that you should upgrade your Asus laptop’s BIOS to the current version.

If the drivers aren’t updated, this issue may arise.

Troubleshooting the Hotkey Function

The hotkeys have a role whether you use them regularly or seldom, and if they don’t work properly, you’ll have trouble operating your Asus laptop. This might be due to the settings on the laptop when it was transported from Asus’ manufacturing facilities. They have a default status when they are sent.

You’ll need to run a series of driver upgrades and other procedures on the laptop to fix the issue.

Why does the keyboard on my Asus laptop keep locking up?

If there is a significant change in the software, such as version upgrades, the keypad on your Asus laptop may lock up.

Other factors contributing to this predicament include:

  • Filter keys are enabled.
  • A driver for an old keyboard
  • The keyboard may have become disconnected from the laptop.
  •  A bad BIOS configuration causes the keyboard to lock up. To solve this, turn off the laptop and restart it. This might be the solution. The second option is to attach an external keyboard and test it.

The Filter keys may be turned off by following these instructions:

  •   Type ‘Ease of access into the search box (if the keyboard momentarily functions after a reboot).
  • Choose ‘Change how your keyboard operates’ from the choices shown on the screen.
  • Uncheck the box next to the item ‘Turn on Filter Keys’ if the box is ticked.
  •  There will be a blue button labeled “Set up Filter Keys”; click it.
  •  The option ‘Keyboard shortcut’ will show in a dialogue box.
  • Uncheck the box next to the entry ‘Turn on Filter Keys when right SHIFT is extended for 8 seconds.’
  • Then you must click the OK button twice in a row.
  • The touchscreen on your Asus laptop may not work if the keyboard is locked.
  •  To do the action above, you will need to attach a mouse to one of the USB ports. As previously stated, you can only type if the keyboard is operational.
  • The assumption is that the problem with your Asus laptop’s keyboard is sporadic or that it works temporarily after the laptop is restarted.

If this does not resolve the problem, you must contact Asus Customer Support.

Another alternative mouse-based method is as follows:

  • Navigate to the Control Panel.
  • Select Device Manager from the menu.
  • A few keyboards may be mentioned under ‘Keyboards.’
  •  Double-click the keyboard you’re presently using if you can find it.
  •  There will be a new window open. There, you must choose the Driver tab.
  • Then choose ‘Uninstall.’ This will remove the driver.
  • Leave this conversation by clicking ‘OK.’

If you restart the laptop now, your keyboard should operate properly.

If the keyboard has been separated from the inside, gently remove it, reconnect it, and reinstall it. The top of the keypad on the Asus laptop will feature a plastic accent. Remove the trim to reveal screws that secure the keyboard to the laptop’s base.

To carefully raise the keyboard, unscrew these. The connection from the keyboard to the motherboard will be visible. Make sure everything is linked correctly. The keyboard may then be repaired and the trim replaced. Check to see whether the keyboard is working properly now.

Some of the remedies above need the keyboard to operate partly or for a few minutes before locking up. Otherwise, you’ll need to contact the company’s Customer Service department.

How to Unlock the Keyboard on an Asus Laptop

You may have an earlier version of the App Keyboard Lock installed, which you must remove before installing the correct version. Follow the steps below to do this:

  •  You must put ‘cont’ into the Windows search box before selecting Control Panel with the mouse.
  • Choose Programs -Uninstall the software from the different options on the subsequent page.
  • Choose ‘Asus Keyboard Lock’ from the list of installed apps.
  • Now, at the top, click Uninstall.
  • In a popup window, you will be asked to verify your action. If you are certain that you want to remove the software, click ‘Yes.’
  • The uninstall procedure may take some time.
  • You should check the program list again to ensure the item has been deleted.

After that, you must download and install the most recent version of Asus Keyboard Lock. To do so, go to the Asus website and click on the Support tab. You must locate the appropriate product page for your Asus laptop model. Select Asus Keyboard Lock from the Utility list and download it.

It might be compressed into a Zip file. Set up all of the files that have been extracted. Return to the list of apps and double-check that the Asus Keyboard Lock is there.


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