How to Unlock When Dell Laptop Keyboard Locked

Keyboard problems may be alarming, particularly when the Dell printer keyboard is locked and you discover how restricted your actions are without one. A simple reboot usually solves the problem. However, keyboard drivers might sometimes be to blame.

It’s possible that you didn’t know how and when to unlock the keypad. In this essay, we’ll summarize everything that transpired throughout the story of the locked keyboard.

Here are four simple yet effective options. Go through each remedy until your issue is resolved.

1. Restart your computer

Restarting your computer is a simple and fast solution to fix your keyboard not functioning problem. If your Dell laptop’s keyboard isn’t functioning after restarting, don’t panic. Other options listed below may be useful.

2. Install the Dell Keyboards Driver once again.

Due to driver issues, the Dell laptop key does not always operate. You should try to reinstall the keyboard driver in this case.

Follow the procedures below if your laptop’s keyboard isn’t functioning, but your mice or touchpad is.

1. To begin, go to Control Panel. If you don’t know how to get to it, use the Search box menu and type it in.

2. After that, go to Device Manager. Ascertain that the Inspiron Keyboards section has been located and updated.

3. Then choose Uninstall device from your laptop driver application from the right-click menu.

Restart your Dell Laptop after the removal is complete. Windows will then automatically reinstall the keyboard driver. Examine your keyboard to ensure it is in good working condition.

If your Dell laptop keyboards remain to malfunction after completing this procedure, go on to the next step.

3. Download and install the most recent Dell Keyboards driver.

If Windows fails to load your Dell laptop keypad driver, you may manually update or install it.

Every Dell laptop comes with a CD containing all of the essential drivers. You may use the CD to install it.

You may also manually acquire drivers for your laptop from Dell’s website by searching for it by model number.

4. Speak with an Expert

Try to remember whether you’ve ever dropped your laptop. Or would you rather split water on the keyboard? The keyboard may also have suffered major harm that you can’t see from the outside.

Contact an expert or contact Dell support if it’s still under warranty.

How to Unlock Dell Laptop Keyboard in Windows 10

If you want to resolve the issue immediately, you may restart your Dell laptop while it is running Windows 10, and the keyboard should work properly after that.

If the keyboard is still useless, don’t hurry to fix it since the Dell OptiPlex keyboard is locked, which might create issues. There are two techniques for unlocking the keyboard on a Windows 10 Dell laptop.

Method 1: Locate the “NumLock key” symbol on your Dell keyboard.

·         To get started, go to the Start screen and choose Settings.

·         Then, choose Ease of Access from the drop-down selection in the Settings box.

·         Go to the Language panel on the left and pick the Onscreen Keyboard option after the Onscreen Keyboard is enabled.

·         Finally, you may touch the NumLock key using the onscreen keyboard.

If the NumLock key does not display on the onscreen keyboard, go to the drop-down menu, choose Options, and turn on the numerical keypad. Press the OK key after that.

Method 2: Uninstall the Device Driver to Free the Dell Laptop’s Accidentally Locked Keyboard

·         Look for Device Manager in the Windows search box.

·         Uninstall the drivers by expanding the Keyboard section.

·         Restart your laptop after that. This step may resolve the issue.

If none of the above alternatives work, the keyboard may have an issue to be evaluated and fixed by a professional or experienced technician.

How Do I Disable Scroll Lock?

Do you have no idea how to disable the scroll lock? Please don’t bother! Locate the onscreen key and click the Minimize button to deactivate Scroll Lock in Windows. Then put “onscreen” into the Windows search bar.

Select Onscreen Keyboard from the list when it appears in the results box. After a few seconds, a keyboard will appear on the screen. Then, to confirm, hit the “ScrLk” key. When you’re finished, you may turn off the onscreen keyboard.

Another solution is to use the “Fn + S” keyboard shortcut to toggle the Scroll Lock on and off.

Not Working Dell Laptop Keyboard Password is not valid.

If you’re having trouble writing on your Dell keyboards, you may try this. In the bottom right corner of the screen, tap the “Ease of Access Center” button. After that, choose “Onscreen keyboard” and enter your password. Before continuing, make sure the cursor is flickering in the “password” section of the website.

An alternate way is to turn off the filter key after choosing the Ease of Access Center. Hopefully, it will be successful.

Solution for a Locked Dell Laptop Mouse and Keyboard

If the keyboard and mouse on your Dell laptop are locked, try restarting it in Safe Mode to see if the issue persists. Select Safe Mode from the Advanced Boot Options menu after restarting your Dell laptop. This procedure will boot up your MacBook Pro in Safe Mode.

While in Safe Mode, connect a USB keyboard. Check to see whether the problem has been resolved. Try a fresh Windows installation if you can unlock it in safe mode.

Best wishes for your Dell keyboard. If you still need help after many tries, please contact Dell Product Support.


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