Lenovo Laptop Keyboard not Working?

Are you having problems with your Lenovo keyboard?

Here’s how to repair a laptop keyboard that’s stuck or unresponsive.

Problems with the built-in keyboard on your Lenovo laptop may be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Device drivers that are outdated or corrupted
  • External keyboards cause interference
  • soiled keys
  •  Hardware failure

What to Do If your Lenovo Keyboard Doesn’t Work

Follow these instructions in succession, checking to see whether your keyboard works after each one:

1. Restart your PC under Windows: A new start might help you eliminate any temporary issues that are harming your computer.

2. Run the troubleshooter in Windows: A built-in utility in Windows 10 may help with small issues. If it doesn’t solve the keyboard, it might provide you with suggestions for the following steps.

3. Windows keyboard drivers need to be updated: If the drivers for the keyboard have gotten damaged, you may get the most recent drivers via the Windows Device Manager.

4. Disable any additional keyboards: It’s possible that utilizing an external keyboard will clash with the built-in keyboard. Make sure just the standard one is enabled in your Device Manager.

5. Disable the Windows CTF Loader program: An intelligent stylus or other input devices might cause problems with the keyboard. To rule out this issue, close the CTF loader.

6. Turn Cortana off: Cortana, the Microsoft smart assistant, may potentially cause problems with your computer’s operation. Disable Cortana for a while to see whether it makes all the difference.

7. Disable the game mode in Windows: The laptop’s performance is affected by Windows’ game mode. Ensure it’s turned off in your settings.

8. Turn off the keyboard shortcuts in Windows: Open the Vista Control Panel and go to Ease of Access > Ease of Access Centers > Make the keyboard simpler to use to clean away the keyboard shortcut settings. Ensure all toggle switches are turned off before applying the modifications and restarting your computer.

9. Clean your computer keyboard: Spills are one of the most prevalent causes of a malfunctioning keyboard, but a thorough cleaning may occasionally resolve the issue. Even if you haven’t dropped anything, cleaning your keyboard regularly might help it last longer.

10. Connect your laptop to a wireless keyboard: Although not strictly a remedy, using an extra keyboard enables you to continue using your computer. Most Bluetooth and USB-connected keyboards should work with your Lenovo.

11. Enable the on-screen keyboard in Windows: The on-screen board is another short-term option. Pick the Show touch keyboard button from the Windows 10 taskbars to right-click the menu, then select the keypad icon.

12. Use the Windows System Restore feature: Resetting the machine to factory defaults may be the only option if everything else fails. However, everything that hasn’t been supported since your previous restore point has been set will be lost, so back up whatever you wish to save.

13. Get a replacement or repair for your Lenovo keyboard: If the manufacturer’s warranty still covers your item, you may be eligible for a free repair.


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