How to Disable Laptop Keyboard?

Want to turn off the keyboard on your laptop? Here are instructions for doing it both momentarily and permanently.

Turning off your notebook keyboard is a bit more difficult than it should be, but there’s a reason. It’s not something you’d want to do by mistake. We’re going to teach you how to deactivate your laptop keyboard permanently.

How to turn off the laptop keyboard temporarily.

1.       Go to your Start Screen and search for Device Manager.

2.       Open Device Manager and go to Keyboards, then simply click to its left.

3.       The keyboard for your laptop may be found here. Right-click it and choose “Uninstall.”

The keyboard will now be temporarily disabled until you restart your laptop; however, the system will automatically reinstall the keyboard drivers when you do. If you want to deactivate the keyboard permanently, we have a solution for you below.

On a laptop, how to utilize a USB keyboard.

Connecting USB keyboards to a laptop is as easy as plugging it in. The device drivers will be installed automatically, and you’ll be ready to go. While the USB keyboard is plugged in, your laptop’s built-in keyboard will continue to function.

On a laptop, how to utilize a Bluetooth keyboard.

A Bluetooth dongle isn’t much more complicated to set up:

1.       Make sure your laptop’s Bluetooth is switched on by going to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & related devices.

2.       Make sure your keyboard has an adequate battery and is in smart lights if required before turning it on.

3.       Click ‘Add Bluetooth or other connection’ and then ‘Bluetooth’ on your laptop.

4.       It will now look for your device, and hopefully, the keyboard will be found. To finish the connection, just click on it.

How to turn off the laptop keyboard permanently.

It will be a bit more complicated if you want to deactivate the keyboard on your laptop permanently. You’ll have to disable Windows’ ability to automatically install the driver again; otherwise, the keyboard will wake up every time you start your computer.

Follow these steps to permanently deactivate your keyboard:

1.       Go to Start and put ‘credit.msc’ into the search box.

2.       Go to Administrative Templates > Computer, Device Installation after clicking on the Computer Configuration file.

3.       Go to Device Installation Restrictions after that. On the right, you’ll notice a variety of alternatives. Edit this option by right-clicking on Prevent Deployment of Devices not defined by other policy settings and set it to enabled.

Now that you’ve completed this return to your Device Manager and complete the instructions listed at the beginning of this post. When you uninstall the driver for your keyboard, your PC will not automatically update it again, and your laptop’s keyboard will stop working.

Because this is a permanent modification, you’ll need to do one more vital step if you wish to reactivate the keyboard in the future.

It’s a good idea to go down into credit.msc and undo the update at this point so you can install the driver again in the future if necessary.


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