How to Turn on Keyboard light on HP Laptop

What You Should Know

·         Press the keyboard backlight key, usually found around the F keys.

·         To turn off the backlighting, hit it again.

·         You may need to hit the Function (FN) key first on specific HP computers.

This tutorial will show you how to switch on the keyboard backlighting on an HP laptop. Although some older models may differ somewhat, most HP laptops utilize the exact mechanism and have the key in the same location.

How to Turn on HP Laptop Keyboard Backlighting

The method of turning on HP keyboard illumination is quite simple. To turn on and off the keyboard illumination on most new HP laptops, you must press a single key.

Use the power button on your HP laptop to turn it on.

On your keyboard, look for the backlighting key. It will appear as three squares with three lines flashing out from the left-hand square in the row of Function F buttons at the top of the keyboard.

Press the button. After that, the keyboard illumination should switch on. By tapping the same key again, you may turn it off.

Luminance Keys in Action

The distinct luminance keys may be used to modify the brightness of your keyboard illumination. They’re also on the top row of FN keys, with vast and little flashing light symbols to indicate them.

If your backlighting does not turn on or goes on for a brief time before going off again after following these procedures, there are a few remedies you may attempt.

Check the HP support page or your laptop handbook to see whether your laptop supports keyboard backlighting.

Look for an option named Action Keys in the BIOS of your HP laptop. Make sure it’s turned on.

Navigate to Advanced > Built-in Device Options in your HP laptop’s BIOS and search for Backlit keyboard timeout. Please set it to whatever length you want backlighting to be enabled.

Are there any light-up keyboards on HP laptops?

Many HP laptops include backlit keyboards, some with a single color and others with RGB illumination that can be configured to display various colors. It is dependent on the model of your laptop.

In Windows 10, how can I turn on the keyboard light on my HP laptops?

Although most HP laptops run Windows 10, the operating system on your HP laptop is irrelevant. As mentioned above, you may switch on the keyboard light by pressing the unique keyboard lighting key.

How Do I Turn On My Laptop Keyboard?

HP laptops include a distinct key for turning on and off the keyboard illumination and separate keys for adjusting the brightness. Some laptops feature a command key to activate and change the lighting, while others have specific programs. Of course, it depends on the manufacturer and model of your computer.


How can I turn on the keyboard lighting on my HP OMEN laptop?

Toggle the backlighting on your keyboard by pressing F5 or FN+F5. From the OMEN Command Center > Illumination > Keyboard, you can customize lighting intensity, zones, and animations.

On HP Pavilion computers, how do I turn on the keyboard light?

Some HP Pavilion notebooks don’t have any backlighting at all. If the F5 key is blank, try it if you’ve established that your model has this capability. Your model may also utilize a different key, such as F4, F9, or F11, alone or in conjunction with the Function (Fn) key.


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