What Keyboard Does Clix Use?

Clix is regarded as one of the best Fortnite gamers in the world. He consistently places well in Fortnite competitions and broadcasts his skills on his webcast. Clix’s gaming setup is sophisticated. Pro gamers employ the best game keyboards, mice, and computers to get the finest performance. As a result, many players wonder what equipment the professionals use or what keyboard Clix uses.

Clix’s Keyboard

The Clix keyboard is a great choice for people who are looking for a keyboard that has a lot of features. Some of the features that the Clix keyboard has include a backlight, a numeric keypad, and media buttons. The backlight makes it easy to see the keys in low light conditions, and the numeric keypad makes it easy to enter numbers. The media buttons let you control your music or videos without having to leave your keyboard.

Clix utilizes a 60 percent Matrix Elite Series Gaming Keyboard. This mechanical, ergonomic game keyboard enables the most precise and quick game inputs. This enables him to swiftly and accurately transfer his motions and key inputs into the game. On the other hand, Clix does not utilize one off the shelf; the keyboard Clix uses a little more sophisticated than the normal type.

Clix utilizes a Matrix Premium Series 60 percent gaming keyboard, but his setup is unique. The keys on the conventional keyboard have colorful RGB LEDs. This allows it to work with a wide range of gaming PCs. However, the Clix keyboard is unique.

The Matrix Premium Series is the Clix computer, although he doesn’t use the standard model like many professionals. The keyboard is mostly black, with red keys around the left and right edges. Matrix supplies a conventional keyboard as well as one that is an identical replica of the player’s keyboard.

Different gaming switches are available for the conventional Matrix Elite Series 60 percent and the Clix keyboard. These address the many preferences that gamers have. He does, however, employ a unique sort of switch on his Clix keyboard.

Cherry MX Blue switches are used in the Clix keyboard. This is a common option in professional games. If you look at the greatest Fortnite players’ setups or the best pro Warzone players’ setups, you’ll see that they all use keyboards with this switch.

The switches are ideal for gaming since they have very rapid actuation speeds. They’re also responsive. This haptic reaction provides excellent input on which game buttons you’re pushing. The switch selection frequently distinguishes a competent gaming laptop from a superb one. Mechanical keyboards are preferable to membrane keyboards for gaming, but the Clix keyboard gaming switches may take things even further.


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